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039. Clare Seal. Getting Into Debt. Getting Out Of Debt.

August 4, 2021

In 2019, the writer Clare Seal started an Instagram account @myfrugalyear in order to anonymously document her journey out of £27,000 worth of debt. Her story immediately struck a chord, and @myfrugalyear now has 78,000 followers who’ve followed Clare’s journey – that of a working mother of two on an average salary trying her best to take control of her financial situation. Last year Clare published Real Life Money: An Honest Guide To Taking Control Of Your Finances, which is very much a realistic approach to personal finance that addresses many of the deeper causes of debt and financial difficulties, and offers advice that readers can adapt to their own pace and circumstances.

On this episode we talked about the emotional underpinnings of debt, and the role that social media and Instagram comparison culture played in Clare’s own situation, as well as how she tries to mitigate those influences now. We also discussed the stigma of not having money, the guilt and shame that often ensues, and how to alleviate those feelings if that’s something you’re suffering from. And of course – Clare shared some excellent practical advice for anyone taking the first steps in trying to tackle their debt.

Find Clare on Twitter (@claremseal) and Instagram (@myfrugalyear)

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