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036. Mona Chalabi. Money Dysmorphia. Cultural Attitudes To Money.

July 14, 2021

Mona Chalabi is a data journalist, producer and presenter whose work has appeared in publications ranging from the New Yorker to the Guardian, and who’s also written for radio and TV networks including NPR, Gimlet, Netflix, and the BBC, as well as being one half of the team that created an Emmy-nominated video series called Vagina Dispatches. Plus she’s an illustrator, with much of her artwork focusing on bringing data to life by visualizing important information around various political and social issues, from poverty and wealth to women’s health issues and racial inequities.

On this episode we discussed the concept of ‘money dysmorphia’ – that is a dissonance between your feelings about your financial circumstances and the reality – as well as how your upbringing and childhood experiences affect your relationship to money, particularly if you’re from an immigrant background. We also talked about toxic workplaces and racism at work, and deciding whether or not to speak up publicly about that, as well as how freelancing has changed Mona’s relationship to money.

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