In Good Company

034. Paris Lees. Class Transition. Gender And Identity.

May 26, 2021

Paris Lees is a prominent journalist and British Vogue columnist whose incredible memoir and debut book What It Feels Like For A Girl is published this week. Born and raised in Hucknall, near Nottingham, Paris has written for publications including the Guardian, the Independent, the Telegraph and VICE, and presented programmes for BBC Radio 1 and Channel 4, as well as having been a vocal campaigner for the transgender community.

What It Feels Like For A Girl is a boldly-written account of an extraordinary life story, and in our conversation we touch on everything from how Paris feels about being labelled as an ‘activist’, to her tumultuous teenage years, and her time as a sex worker; as well as topics such as class and code switching, and how acquiring privilege and money can make your life easier if you’re from a marginalised background. Plus – we discussed how vulnerable trans children and teenagers often are, and what it feels like to have your identity so heavily debated and politicised.


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Produced by Chris Sharp and Naomi Mantin

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